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Teressa is the founder of @teressamediumreadings . Teressa has been seeing and feeling energy since she was a child.

When her Grandfather passed away when she was fifteen, she saw "see through" people, in spirit, at his visitation. She has had many epoisodes happen since then. She is currently working on writing a book about some of those experiences. Teressa is able to see the energetic aura that surrounds people, animals, plants and gemstones. She enjoys drawing the aura and explaining its meaning at the beginning of a one on one reading. Learn about your: emotional health, soul's personality and intuitive abilities.

Through her advanced abilities of: clairvoyance, clairsenstience, clairaudience and claircognizance, Teressa gives unique and in-depth readings. She is able to communicate with different vibrational levels in the Spiritual realm, including: spirits of loved ones who have passed (people and pets), spirit guides, guardian angels, Archangels and the higest divine source.

As an Energy Artist, she can draw what you look like on a spiritual realm. When drawing the energy around a person, she describes: how the mind connects and works, stress areas, psychic abilities, personality traits, sexual health and family connectedness (past and present). This is an excellent way to find out what career would best suit your spiritual personality.

Teressa is currently writing several books. As a mother of three young boys, she could not do any of this without the help of her wonderful husband, Benoit. 

Teressa is able to quickly and accurately read the personality of others within 30 seconds and one look into their eyes. She can sense the colours and emotions of the aura (the energy body surrounding and protecting each person), as well as the energies within the seven chakras. The energies within the chakras tell her precisely what is inside: thought process, connection to spirit, psychic abilities and intuitive levels, stress levels, confidence levels, chest health (heart, lungs and breasts), past and present emotional states, ambition level, fear blocks, digestive health, relationship connections (strength/weakness of), fertility level, connection to themselves and others, relationship status and health, lower organ health, family relationship connections, as well as past, present and future issues related to family and self.

Since Teressa is empathic, she is able to sense the emotional and physical state that others are in. She can feel how nervous you are when you walk in for a reading! She is able to sense and feel the physical health and ailments in other people's body and mind. Whether Teressa gives you messages in person, over the phone, Facetime, Facebook messenger, Skype or JusTalk.

Highlights / Services
  • Psychic

  • Medium

  • Aura Artist

  • Energy Healing Drawings

  • Medical Intuitive

  • Empath

  • Reiki Master

  • Aura drawings

  • Spiritual Teacher

  • Author

  • Group Readings

  • Aura drawings

  • Energy healing drawings

  • Book(s)

What people are saying...

Teressa, you have no idea what a gift you have given me! Getting to know my son through you has given me such happiness - something I have not felt in almost five years! Thank you from the bottom of my heart - and if you can please give my precious Jonathan a big hug and kiss from his mommy! and tell him I love and miss him!!! God bless you and you family! Forever Grateful, - Shannon

Last night I had a reading with Teressa. You see this on tv and you ask yourself is this true or not. I lost someone that I loved so much, two years ago .. my mom... after her passing not only did my mom come through, but also some of my family members that are deceased. I never met Teressa before until last night. The things she told me last night........ THERE'S NO WAY SHE COULD HAVE KNOWN THIS ABOUT MY FAMILY ..IT BLEW ME AWAY........ if there's anyone out there that needs comforting about a loved one that passed, I would HIGHLY REFER TERESSA TO DO A READING ..... AGAIN TERESSA, THANKS..... - Joshua Mauger

Teressa, I am truly blessed to have you help me the way that you did through your reading last night. You are such a soft spoken, kind and caring person that has been given such an amazing gift to help those around you. Your words touched me. Even though they were not yours, the way you delivered my loved ones messages was overpowering and so comforting. I wish you the best and cannot wait to see you again. ... Much love, - Carley Mauger

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