Rorey Moon

Hi, I'm Rorey Moon, founder of @roreymoon. I started as a crystal enthusiast as a small child with distinct memories of digging sparkly things out of the ground.


This unprecedented fascination turned into a means of personal healing.


I was able to harness my intuitive nature towards crystals and my love of learning to create mala bracelets.


As things progressed, my collection spread to bracelets, meditation malas (necklaces) and even a travel safe car mala.

All the while, my spirituality was opening and other tools like Tarot, oracles and Reiki crossed my path.


​Everyone's journey is different, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Highlights / Services
  • Tarot Readings

  • Oracle Card Readings

  • Crystal Healing & Guidance

  • Meditation Exploration for Beginners

  • Inner Growth & Spiritual Development

  • Courses

Product Sales
  • Crystals

  • Jewelry 

  • Tarot Cards

  • Oracle Cards

What people are saying...

"Rorey Moon's crystals are so highly charged! I love how powerful they are!" - G.C. (Toronto)


"Rorey Moon is a mix between tough love and compassion. It's always amazing dealing with her. She's so real." - G.P. (Toronto)

"Rorey is truly a gift of a human and her shop, Rorey Moon, is genuinely the most amazing one I have ever had contact with. Rorey’s care and attention to detail cannot be matched. Not only does she provide insight into each of her pieces, but she does so in the most compassionate and community-centred way. I am so glad that I found her through the Instagram community. I would highly recommend @Roreymoon for all your metaphysical crystal needs and know that what you are receiving is genuine in every sense of the word." - TS Nova Scotia