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Hi, I'm Lara, Psychic Medium, Certified Intuitive Life Coach and founder of @larabokovay.


I am grateful and take great pride in knowing that I am a catalyst for people’s growth and expansion as I invoke spiritual change and awareness both through my readings and through my coaching. Guided by spirit, I deliver true messages of love and spiritual guidance. 


I connect with spirit, your higher-self, loved ones, angels, guardian angels and archangels to send forth divine messages of truth, hope, love and healing. My inspiring and personal intuitive card readings shine light on your life with specific and accurate messages.


Readings are a wonderful way to receive messages, inspiration, and guidance from your Angels and Guides. You can ask for guidance about any question you have or about any challenge that you may be going through and you will receive clarity and guidance from spirit and the divine. 

Your Angels and guides are there to support and comfort you and will always lead you in the direction of your best and highest good. They want to help. All you have to do is ask!


As an Intuitive Life Coach, I help guide individuals through a process of self-discovery, a discovery of their best. I help them embrace, process and release emotions that keep them stuck and give them tools to continue the process. I believe we all have a better version of self and sometimes we need someone who can see that best version and guide us on our journey. 

Coaching as a Medium gives me intuitive insight to guide you through the challenges you are facing. Being an intuitive also guides me to help you create more clarity and a deeper understanding of the obstacles at hand.  I have the ability to coach my clients in developing their own unique abilities which creates success and transformation in all areas of their lives.

Highlights / Services
  • Psychic

  • Medium

  • Oracle Cards

  • Angel Oracle and Tarot Cards

  • Intuitive Life Coaching

  • Spiritual Mentor 

  • Career & Transition Coaching

  • Group Readings

Product Sales
  • TBA

What people are saying...

"She explains the process clearly and answers questions honestly. I left the session with so much clarity and it truly helped me stay grounded in a very hard in my life."- Andrea, Ottawa, Ontario

"Even if self-reflection is never easy, Lara provides assistance with tools, tricks and various methods that work for you."  - Julie, Ottawa, Ontario

"Being coached by Lara over the last two years, I can safely say that she is the reason I am still thriving in my field, pushing towards my career goals." - Karen, Ottawa, Ontario

"Her intuitive readings brought me such a positive insight into my life and enabled me to create concrete action plans which gave me an incredible sense of ease moving forward in a transitional time in my life."  - Maeve, United Kingdom

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