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Krista Ellis-Smith

Hi, I'm Krista, transformational energy guide, psychic medium, oracle card reader, Reiki Master and founder of Metamorphosis Journey to Purposeful Living @metamorphosisjpl


I still remember the excitement I felt upon seeing my dead cat peering at me from the top of my attic stairs. I cried out in joy, "Mommy, Blackie's back!".

I never realized how different I was from other kids.  My gifts were just part of me, just like breathing. However, after a while, my parents stopped taking me to funerals because I would try to comfort the grieving with messages from their nearly departed, which led me to hide my light to make others happy. 

After going through my own healing journey to rediscover who I am at the core and how I'm meant to help others with my gifts, I developed a unique and personalized approach to help others shine their light onto the world.

Today, I help clients discover their own gifts by incorporating and finding what works for their uniqueness - this is where true healing begins.

Highlights / Services
  • Oracle card readings

  • Psychic / Intuitive mediumship readings using my clairaudience (clear hearing) to communicate with your loved ones, guides and angels, claircognizant (clear knowing), and clairvoyance (clear seeing) to give you guidance in various areas of your life

  • Empathic healing or Empath Bootcamp 101 to release cords, repair and strengthen the aura, and clear energy blocks from the body

  • What "woo-woo" are you? A process to discover your gifts with a personalized 'clari-score' and practical development exercises to expand your gifts

  • Usui Reiki Master / Teacher

  • Reiki charged clearing grid cards

What people are saying...

​"Just a had a brilliant reading! So very helpful to me. Really appreciate her feedback and tool she gave me to apply. I highly recommend."

—Maxine A.


"I never really understood the whole grid thing, until I saw one that Krissy made and posted in a group. I had the most incredible sensation and have had the pleasure of seeing some of other work as well. The last grid is POWERFUL and it literally shakes you into place - or at least it did that for me. I felt like I was pulled apart end put back together again! It was tingly, shaking, and moving in and out of focus and really working on deep levels. My personalized grid on the other hand is more like coming home. you are smiling and feeling light. The tingles and movement is still there, but more in tune with me. It feels like its alive- Love it!! And her insight into space clearing and energy clearing is pretty bang on and her tips are very easy to follow. I am excited about what will come next. I have a personalized grid for my Soul wants and desires and one for joyous harmony in my home - Its time to get working on changing the energy into what aligns with me. Highly recommend Krissy. And that she goes above and beyond for her clients, I've seen that in the past as well. Thank you gorgeous. And for those who have not yet had the pleasure of working Krissy, jump on, you won't regret it!. Much love." 

—Lin S.


"I loved the readings I received from Krissy! She was so spot on, and very insightful-and I didn’t even tell her what my questions were! One was a past life reading and she picked up on several past lives that I was told I had by a few other psychics/intuitives, as well as some of the projects I am working on now and how I should incorporate them into my life now. Thanks again for the terrific readings!."

—Kim E.

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