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Hi, I'm Aaron, psychic healer and founder of @moonsguidinglight.

I'm a multi-generational psychic/healer with over 15 years experience as a professional psychic.


I'm known for my accurate and highly informative channeled psychic readings.


I have powerful spiritual  psychic abilities that I inherited from my grandmother and mother.


I was born with a veil of skin over my eyes and began receiving messages about future events by the time I was 10 years old. 

Challenging events in my life pushed me towards embracing a full-time career as a psychic and healer.


I'm known for bringing in depth insight and empathy to my clients' unique life experiences and for giving highly accurate readings and powerful energy healing


I'm blessed with "X-Ray" eyes that allow me to see and evaluate existing health problems in humans and animals alike.

Allow me to guide you through your current and future life challenges.


Join my many satisfied clients on a path to total health and happiness. It is time to materialize your dreams.

Highlights / Services
  • Psychic

  • Medium

  • Aura Reader

  • Angelic Energy Healer

  • Animal Communicator & Medium

  • Sound Vibration Therapy

  • TBA

What people are saying...

Not only did Aaron open my heart and soul to my own life, he also gave me a jump start to how to improve it. I have gone from a skeptic to a true believer. - Kris

Aaron offered a wonderful , insightful reading on my life and my surroundings. Showing positive paths and answering many questions on the future. - Frankie

Totally Amazing!!! I felt so comfortable and relaxed and Aaron was dead on. On all aspects he gave me . So happy right now. - Sandra

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